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For over 10 years the principals have worked on more than 40 restaurant/bar projects in Portland.  Highlights include; Bunk, Ox, Kachka, Lardo, St. Jack, Poke Mon, Oven/Shaker, La Moule, Taylor Railworks, Grassa, Pollo Norte, Chicken & Guns, and more small bars then we could list.  We excel at operational and administrative management and love to see that detail grow into successful financial performance. 


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Principal Partners



Jessica Williams

Jessica William's, a multi-generation Oregonian and Accountant (CPA since 2013) started in the restaurant industry as a host and server, but after earning her CPA license jumped into corporate auditing and accounting.   Her passion for food and beverage found home with Chefstable (2011-2016) as their Director of Financial Operations overseeing more than 20 entities and leading a team of five.  Her experience at Chefstable was instrumental in learning leadership on a tightrope of big personalities, high-pressure, complex multi-location entities, and always moving forward.

Jessica serves as Title Bout's CEO and Principal Partner, but has the experience and understanding of restaurant/bar projects of all sizes from inception to sale.


Activities & Affiliations

• OSCPA Member
• Ambassador Board Member of Friends of the Children







Matt Brown

Matt Brown (Bunk/Bladen County Records), by way of North Carolina in 2000, has an equal footing in Portland's creative culture and restaurant industry but still finds refuge in bar-tending weekly at multiple Bunk Bar locations.   Outside of fiction writing, storytelling, XRAY.fm DJ, music maven, and creative projects, Matt is out front working and stirring the pot on upcoming Title Bout projects.  

Equal parts entrepreneur and raconteur. Have a drink at his bar.  


Activities & Affiliations

• Bunk Sandwiches - Co-Owner
• Bladen County Records - Co-Owner




Collin Connon

Collin is a native Oregonian with a long track record of financial and business operations (Kachka, Taylor Railworks, Ron Toms, Bunk, etc..).  After a stint in San Francisco's 90's tech-boom, and divesting as founding partner brokering International vinyl record manufacturing, he returned to Portland in 2002.   Since then he has been working with owner-operator bar and restaurant ventures in almost all capacities including; business formation, cost analysis, management training, payroll/HR, bookkeeping, implementing operations, to dissolving and closing the doors. Cutting to the chase and fast.