Strategic Partners for Food & Beverage

Pushing forward with fast-casual, beverage, and fine-dining while not forgetting our roots.  

Every partnership needs three components; creativity, operations, and finance.   And, that's where Title Bout can help.

The biggest hurdle beyond capital is having a team in place that is motivated to push ahead.   We create strategic partnerships; finding creative culinary talent and concepts, executing admin/operations, and help find private/institutional financial resources.  Instant success brings just as many challenges as stagnant sales and we are have the experience to face them alongside our partners and clients.


Areas of Expertise


We've succeeded, failed, gone long-distance, and started from home kitchens, but haven't stopped.   Every new location is a new challenge; splitting management duties, centralizing admin, and trying to leverage a commissary, it comes from all angles.  The hardest growing pain is letting go. 


From basic to the complex multi-unit entities, we've done it all.  We can help you clean it up, create simple methods for on-going operations, train management, or do the books for you.  Every business is unique but we have the ability to manage your books from full-charge, accounts payable, and cash-management as directed by your partnerships operating agreement.  We do this in-house and don't just place a temp or third-party individual in a revolving chair. 


The earlier the better.  From getting the lawyer and accountant on the same page to aligning the bureaucratic machine that is omnipresent.   It's a long checklist and you if you gone on the first date, you'll be happy we met them. 


Perspective and communicating how your business is placed in the market to financial institutions and potential investors has its own language.  If you can't communicate how your financials are fluid with your strategy or meet that audiences criteria and/or mission statement you can be dead in the water.  Talent, skill, and ego don't always tell the tale you want and cut/paste is more transparent then you know.  Tell your authentic story, their way. 


While we don't provide direct operation management we've seen enough to spot the holes quickly.  Job titles are not useful unless they are fulfilling the roles the business needs of them.  Every organization is different and we can help fill many of the gaps. 


While we do not directly fund projects at this time, we can certainly point you in the right direction or form strategic partnerships that bolster a team to help secure funding.